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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

StarCraft 2: Or how I learn to stop worrying and love the Reaper Rush

So, Ive been playing a lot of Star Craft 2 recently and I have a build order down Pat for Terran. So I thought I would share it really quick and see what you guys think and see if you have any advice on how I can raise my APM, or some Mid and Late game Build orders.

This is pretty much how it goes for me as Terran in Late Game

So my early game goes like this, and keep in mind im only Bronze leage placed 20th in 3v3 which is what I play the most.

9 supply - SCV
10 - SCV
11 - Supply depot
12 - Supply depot
13 - barracks
14 - gas Reactor
15 - scv
16 - Marine
17 - 22 (SCV)
22 - 28 Barracks, give one a tech lab and the other a reactor
29 - Engineering bay, followed by 5 marauders and 6 marines

After this I push out with 5 marauders and 5 marines for inital econ harass

This is effective, but I am lost after that. I have a good opening but I kinda wing it from there which is bad cause others get a hold on me fast.

If your a noob like me I hope this helps you!


  1. well not much.. but i like sc2 a lot too
    great blog by the way!
    keep it on.

  2. i voted for your life, but vidya games are cool too check out my music blog?

  3. Great blog! I'll be following. Feel free to drop by.

  4. LOL...your content thusfar has nothing whatsoever to do with your theme. I like it.

  5. Thanks Cye, im working on it, changing drastically on a whim XD

  6. Pretty much how it goes for me too.

  7. I need to get this game.

  8. Right now in the game EVERYONE fears reaper rushes. It's not always the best thing to go for.