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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cancelled Preorders.

So I've cancelled all my game preorders from now till December, deciding that nothing looked that good to me. It all looks like more of the same, Ill wait till I see some games that have innovation.

The following were cancelled.

Halo:Reach - Not a big fan of halo in the first place, so I'm not sure why I placed the order, but It all looks more of the same with some new stuff, but it feels recycled from Call of Duty.

Fallout New Vegas - A friend once called New Vegas "A glorified Expansion" and the more I read, the more I agree, nothing new is added, graphics look the same and the guns are basically the same minus a couple new ones. Nothing that interests me enough to pay 60$

World Of Warcraft Cataclysm: I am free of wow. That is all I really need to say. But I admit I will probably pick this up in the future after being mildly impressed by the beta, but it does feel like more of the same and 5 years is enough murloc killing for one lifetime. Cancelled preOrder either way.

So now for my very short list of games I put on pre-Order

Deus Ex 3 - It looks amazing, and the more I hear the more I like, so I'm gonna give it a shot when it's released.

Thats it lol.


  1. I might go back to try out Cataclysm. All the other games seem meh though, you're right.

  2. Nice post. The only game I might preorder is Rockband 3. I will probably buy Halo: Reach a few days after it releases, unless I have the money before then.

  3. The only games worth buying nowadays are the ones from the Skate series

  4. butts

  5. I just quit wow like a month ago as well, it was just SO boring as compared to what it used to be. Plus Cataclysm is made out to be this "whole new gaming experience!" but when you watch the videos, it looks like the same old bull shit. I need a new miracle MMO to come out.


    Following my brotha.

  7. This is really cool!! I like it a lot.

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  8. Yeah I get the same feeling. Different maps, different weapons...same game. IS there room left for innovation?

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