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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Okay so this post is going to be about cooking.

For steak (note this is just cooking it on the stove top - as far as spicing it, it's a work in process)
Oh man, I can smell it from here.

So if you go to the local store and pick up a nice 1 inch sirloin and you don't have a grill (which I prefer to stove top) Your gonna have to cook it over the stove, so here is what you will need.

1 - Fry Pan (Duh!)

1 - Spatula (Duh!)

1 Tbsp Olive oil (Vegetable oil has a bunch of stuff that's not good for you, plus I like the taste the olive oil adds)

Any amount - Your chosen spices - everyone will be different.

So first thing your going to do is heat up the pan, put the stove on a medium/high or 6.5 - 7 if you have a number gauge up to 10

Once the stove is heated, put oil in the pan. This way the metal in the pan has been allowed to stretch a little (reduces chances steak will stick to the pan from what ive been told by my uncle who is a chef)

Place the steak in the middle of the pan.

-Let cook for 3 - 5 minutes

-After 3 - 5 Turn the steak over.

-Let the steak go for another 3.

( To check readiness press into the meat, if it feels like the mushy park of your palm it's rare, if it feels like the area under the thumb it's medium, you don't want it on longer otherwise it has a risk of drying out. )
About perfect for most people.

- for the final 2 minutes (providing it's still undercooked) take 1 Tbsp of butter and melt that into the steak(this will ad a bit of sweetness to it and it will be a great addition.)

Well there you have it, this is how I always cook steak over stove top and it comes out perfect every time. Like I said I just need to work on my spices.


Also enjoy this really annoying yet strangely addicting video (it's kinda freaky how it has 50million+ views, but I can't stop listening to it!!!!)


  1. Oh wow, EPIC first post! I didn't know that about poking the meat of your hand like that.

    I can't wait for more!


    Darn you, now I have to make food :/

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  3. It would look delicious... but I'm a whimp, I have to have my meat well done. Hate seeing any pink, I always think I'm gonna die when I make it myself haha.

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  5. I like my steak made well done but thanks for the tips.

  6. mmm i'm a sucker for steak. medium please. check out my blog bro?


  7. im hungry now =(

  8. look to be so good !
    "bon apetit"

  9. That looks yummy!

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  10. first of all
    awesome blog
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  11. You are truly an inspiration! I will keep your thoughts in mind for my next blog posting.