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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Something stupid this way comes, and it's called - Room 1 -

So I was reading through my junk, a collection of random thoughts or essays, or reply's I had written that I felt I needed to save (You may have seen some I have posted XD) when I cam across something I wrote about 6 months ago, Im not entirely sure what possessed me to write it but I did, and looking back I can't see why I saved it, so ill post it up.

It was supposed to be n outline of a web style series of shorts I wanted to do If i ever had the means to produce such a thing. This is a very rough outline, that is in the style of David Lynch, so I guess It's suppose to be more than it alludes to be and purposefully cryptic. Enjoy.

This series is about a man alone in a room, but the audiance clearly hears more than one voice, but nothing is in the shot aside from the lone man.

This series will allude that there is something else in the room but the room will appear empty making it up to the viewer whether the man is crazy or not. There will be subtle hints there may be a presence in the room with him but will never be stated clearly.

out of context the story will make very little sense, and it will be up to the viewer to decipher a meaning to the story.
Room 1 - Episode 1.

[Camera focus's in on a man on a couch, Trains can be heard in the background. It is dark with only enough lighting to show the man.]

(Black and white?)

Unknown: What was her name? (Played in reverse) (very quietly)

Jim: Jane?1

I found out.

Unknown: Found out what?1

She was In the room.

Unknown: I see.1

It will be night soon.1 [Lights fade a bit]

I will be there,1

This will end.1 [white noise at its peak]

Everything is fading.1

I am detached. 1 [white noise stops abruptly]

Are you coming? 1 [turn head slightly to the left looking at the wall]

Episode 2:

unknown: Yes that her name, where is she?

She went away.2

At the party.

unknown: Go on.2

I was blind. See what?2[Camera loses focus, during this phase a Black image can be seen in the background]

She will be sleeping. 2


She should have known better2

Shadows everywhere. 2 [red filter for rest of episode here]

There will be no more laughing. 2

Episode 3.

[as the final episode begins the room is much darker than the previous two episodes and white noise can be heard at excessive volume]


Unknown: why?3

They all laughed at me.

unknown: yes they did?3

I know What I should do.3

Alone. 3 {As he finishes this un comprehensible whispering can be heard.}
they won't laugh anymore. 3

I looked like a fool.3

It's Dark now. 3 [Eyes now appear black with no soul.]

[As he says this he gets up and proceeds out of the scene.]

[Option 1 the Money shot] About 30 seconds passes. [A black shadow appears to get up from the couch and approaches the camera]

[Option 2] [As Jim leaves the room he leaves the camera running, it goes into a power saving mode and returns on to see that Jim is crying on the floor in a ball, covered in blood]

[camera stops]


So there it is, I don't know, kinda stupid, but I think it has potental if I worked out some of my ideas a bit better, but this is suppose to be surreal horror, so I guess I don't have to.


  1. Very interesting! It could turn out good with some more work

  2. What strange and twisted mind could conjure such bizarre imagery? :)

  3. NIIICE ! good work.. supportin'

  4. woah : o you should really keep working on this

  5. Sounds like something someone would write if they took too much cough syrup. I like it.

  6. this is a load of poopies! >=(

    and uhm.. check my blog i discovered sumfin which is pretty much likely to drive me nuts! ( or is about to drive my nuts back to.. ahh nvmd =

    smoochies and well creamy poopies :*

  7. I'm not sure what this is, but supporting nontheless!

  8. I have no clue whats going on?

  9. That was actually pretty cool. It would have looked great on camera